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Yoni Steam Herbs

Yoni Steam Herbs

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Yoni steaming is the ancient practice of allowing warm herbal steam to permeate the vaginal tissues & womb. This ritual lovingly provides a myriad of potential benefits to a woman’s natural cycle including enhanced intimacy, reduced menstrual cramps, increased fertility & even an easeful transition into menopause. Our Herbal Yoni Steam is formulated by our founder an Ayurvedic Practitioner to cleanse, nourish, tone & gently love your yoni.

INGREDIENTS: Mugwort, Shatavari, Rose, Lavender, Calendula & Rosemary 


Mugwort has numerous benefits for the yoni. This warming and cleansing plant can balance female hormone production, which is supportive to uterine health. Further, mugwort is known as an emmenagogue, meaning that it can gently stimulate stagnant or delayed menstruation; therefore, promoting a healthy and balanced moon cycle. Mugwort is also well renowned for helping to ease menstrual cramps and pain. Finally, this protective herb also provides the yoni with antibacterial and antifungal properties. 


Known in Ayurvedic medicine as both a rasayanaand demulcent herb, shatavari strengthens the uterus and reproductive system and can help to rebalance and relubricate vaginal dryness. 


Known as the Queen of Flowers and Sister to the Heart and Womb, rose soothes, cleanses and tonifies the vaginal tissue. Since rose is cooling in nature, it is well utilized to minimize hot flashes associated with menopause. 


A powerful vulnerary, calendula helps to heal the skin by promoting cellular repair, making this an excellent plant ally to heal and nourish the vaginal tissue after childbirth. 



Pour 4-6 C. of boiled water into a large bowl & add 4-6 T. Herbal Yoni Steam. Before steaming, hold your hand above the steam to make sure it is at a safe temperature. Undress the lower half of your body & squat, sit or kneel above your herbal steam. Use a towel or blanket to cover the lower half of your body & enjoy until the steam subsides. Enjoy this self-care ritual 1-3 times per month. 


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