We believe in keeping things simple and from our Mother Earth!

We always source the best quality ingredients possible. In our products, you will find that almost everything that can be organic, is organic. Most of our raw materials are sourced  right at the farm: most of the essential oils are grown here and distilled from a copper pot, or carefully sourced from other producers that have the same passion as we do.  The herbs for our teas are from our tea garden. We make are own distilled water that’s from our well. We also make our own ACV from locally sourced apples. The colloidal silver is made at our farm from a silver lung generator. All the soaps are made here from a local goats milk, with only 7 ingredients. Our fire cider is completely made from our garden! And, all the lotions are made by hand!
We try to support other local farms that we trust to support the community.  We love that we have the opportunity to handcraft all our products ourselves at our own Arizona farm in Show low to ensure quality at every step. It's important to us that people have access to quality, non-toxic care products, which is why we make a point of keeping our products affordable. Keeping the impact of our products on the planet low is also important to us, which is why we work with specialists in earth-friendly printing to produce our labels, and encourage the recycling and repurposing of our glass product jars. We offer for some of our products “refill pouches” just simply keep your bottle and purchase the refill pouch for an easy and eco-friendly solution. The goal is to be a zero waste company! 

Thank you for joining us on a path towards a simpler, cleaner world. Thank you for supporting my small business and my dreams! When you buy from a small business an actual person does a happy dance! With love, 
- Simply by Nature

Angelena is from Fountain Hills, Arizona. She is a Holistic Nutritionist, a Ayurvedic Practitioner, and a Certified Cupping Specialist as well as has her MA certificate. She specializes in quantum healing through many modalities, like light language and with sound. She incorporates all of her educational skills in her current practice. Angelena has been in the holistic healing field for over eighteen years.  Her business creations are for whole body healing for your everyday product needs. The goal of Simply by Nature is to raise awareness of the toxins and harmful chemicals that are in everyday products and help treat the body as a whole through Ayurvedic practices. She is a compassionate holistic professional, dedicated to assisting and empowering individuals to finding the pursuit of being whole in all levels of mind, body and spirit. 



Angelena resides at her farm in Show Low, AZ She has three beautiful children.

Her passions include cooking, pottery, yoga,  meditation, gardening, creating, and helping others to their full potential.