Silver Rose Toner - 4 oz

Silver Rose Toner - 4 oz

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Two classic facial toners (rose water and witch hazel) finally pair up, finding new strength with the aid of anti-bacterial colloidal silver and tissue-repairing frankincense. Use throughout the day to balance + hydrate skin, and keep pores clean. Though designed primarily as a face toner, Silver Rose Toner can effectively cleanse and tone skin areas all over the body.


Organic Rose Hydrosol
Organic Witch Hazel Extract
Colloidal Silver
Frankincense Essential Oil


Apply to face after cleansing with Simply by Nature's Detox Face Mask or Face Wash, and whenever else needed throughout the day to hydrate skin, cleanse pores, and balance oils.

Non-Toxic - Non-GMO - Vegan - Biodegradable