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Simply by Nature

Reusable Castor Pack Bundle

Reusable Castor Pack Bundle

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This bundle has everything you need to start this sacred health ritual in your life. This bundle includes: 

  • A Simply By Nature handmade reusable Castor Oil Pack 
  • One 8oz bottle of Organic Castor Oil
  • 2oz easy roll-on applicator 
  • Instructions for care and use

We try to be a zero waste company, which is hard to find these days. The castor packs are made with the entire cloth, meaning it’ll will vary in size, but still covers the digestive system. I do hand make the castor packs, the materials are made from non-bleach, all organic cotton and bamboo fabric.



1. Pour roughly two -three tablespoons of the castor oil on the dark side of the fabric of the pack

2. Make sure oil is dispersed on the area of the pack

3. Place the castor pack on the area being treated

(Make sure you cleanse the area before applying pack) 

(its important to lay down during the treatment)

4. Apply heating pad or warm rice pack to the top of the castor pack

5. Leave on for 30-60 minutes for oil to penetrate the skin

6. When the treatment is complete remove the heating pack and the castor pack

7. Clean oil residue off the treated area with a damp washcloth 

8. Wash castor pack and hang dry 

  (Castor packs can be used several times before replacing, we suggest replacing every six months)


 1. Place SBN Castor Pack in an empty washer

 2. Make sure you wash alone with mild soap

3. Place on old tea towel to air dry until next use


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