Handcrafted Bracelets

Handcrafted Bracelets

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Tiger Mala

The tiger symbolizes will power, courage, and personal strength. Tigers are the embodiment of balancing the forces of both yin and yang.

Handmade with 8mm high-quality beads. Double strung on strong elastic cord

6.5 inches around

6.5 inch is our standard size, however custom sizes can be ordered upon request.

Mala is a Sanskrit word for ‘meditation garland’ and is used by Buddhists to count mantras for japa (to recite) meditation. Holding the bracelet in the left hand, one thoughtfully counts each bead for each repetition of a chanted mantra.

These hand made mala bracelets each symbolize different energies. Wear it on your wrist daily as a reminder of your commitment to self-care and growth.

Hematite is a blood-red stone that has long been considered useful for protection, grounding, and emotional balance. Its power has been known for thousands of years with even the name of hematite stone meaning ‘blood’ in Ancient Greek. They used to mix it with water to make red pigment.

Firstly, it’s said to use magnetic energy to stabilize our aura. It creates some kind of equality between the physical and ethereal nervous systems. It’s said that this state of balance is crucial to remaining energized and prepared for anything. The intent of hematite’s energy is to harmonize the mind, body, and soul, uniting them as one. Secondly, as a stone of protection, hematite is also brilliant at keeping our energy defended against negativity. It blocks spiritual attacks from those who wish to harm us. It clears and scatters negative energy from your aura, promoting positive thinking.