Cellular Green Tea Eye Cream

Simply by Nature

This product works on many levels to help restore the youthful glow of the skin around your eyes. A very gentle cellular cream, this product works to help balance the moisture level of the skin around the eyes to ensure that it remains healthy and protected from sun damage and free radical exposure, giving you the natural and youthful glow you so desire. 



emulsifying wax

fractionated coconut oil

olive fruit oil

leucidal liquid

demineralized water

green tea extract

vitamin e

rosehip oil

blackberry extract

calendula flower extract

evening primrose oil

avocado oil

hyaluronic acid

chamomile extract

glyceryl stearate

cetearyl alcohol

cocoa butter

veggie glycerin

carrot seed oil

lavender oil

frankincense oil

aloe vera 

Directions: Apply a small amount (about the tip of your pointer finger) of Simply By Nature's, Cellular Eye Cream to the tender skin around your eyes and eyelids.  Gently massage eye cream into skin. Do this in the morning with the rising sun as a primer or add to your evening skincare regimen. 

Non-toxic - Raw - Vegan - Biodegradable


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