Healing At Home

Continue your healing by viewing our step by step guides on how to use SBN products at home!



1. Insert the cloth in the pocket of your castor pack

2. Pour roughly two tablespoons of the castor oil on the pocket of the pack

3. Make sure oil is dispersed on the mesh area of the pack

4. Place the castor pack on the area being treated

(Make sure you cleanse the area before applying pack) 

5. Apply heating pad or warm rice pack to the top of the castor pack

6. Leave on for 30-60 minutes for oil to penetrate the skin

7. When the treatment is complete remove the heating pack and the castor pack

8. Clean oil residue off the treated area with a damp washcloth 

9. Store saturated oil insert in an air tight jar

(You can use up to four times before replacing)

10. Wash castor pack and hang dry 






1. Place SBN Castor Pack in an empty dishwasher


2. Make sure the straps sit securely around rack 


3. Run the dishwasher with natural soap


4. Place on old tea towel to air dry until next use