How much is shipping, and how long will it take to receive my order?

Shipping for smaller orders is only $6, and is free on all orders over $50. We process and fulfill orders as quickly as possible (excluding weekends), and shipping times are usually about 2 days at best, 5 days at worst. 

Is Simply by Nature certified organic?

Though we are not certified organic as a company, we source only the highest quality ingredients, most of which are organic,  including our rose hydrosol and emulsifying wax - two ingredients that many companies cut corners on by using cheaper, non-organic versions. Our essential oils are all 100% pure and carefully sourced, as well as third-party tested for quality. 

Are all your products vegan?

All of our products except our Body Balm, which is made with organic beeswax, are vegan. If you are interested in a batch of vegan Body Balm, please contact us directly.  

Why Probiotic Deodorant?

Our Probiotic Deodorant basically works on two levels. The probiotics are actively engaging odor-causing bacteria, while the rest of the ingredients take care of any stink that's leftover. Between the two, you get the most effective deodorant paste and the happiest armpits possible. 

What can I do to improve my armpit ecology?

Your armpits are an important site for lymphatic detoxification, and as such, it is important to maintain healthy armpit ecology to encourage proper elimination of toxins through those channels. Going through the Armpit Detox greatly expedites recovery from years of built-up toxicity in the armpits' glands.  

I tried your Probiotic Deodorant, but it irritated my armpits. What should I do?

Assuming you didn't put it on after shaving (see question below), it's likely one of two problems:

     - You're using too much. If you're using a teaspoon or more per armpit, you're way overdoing it. Even though Probiotic Deodorant is natural, it's also very potent, so you only need a little bit - just enough to very lightly cover your armpit.

     - You're rubbing it in too hard. Even though our Probiotic Deodorant has a lovely, smooth texture, there are still small crystals of baking soda in there that can be irritating if you rub them in hard enough. Try massaging the Probiotic Deodorant in gently, letting the warmth of your fingers help it absorb. 

Also, though less common, occasionally people experience sensitivity due to an overly acidic environment in their armpits.  Baking soda is acidic, so if you're armpits are already overly acidic, baking soda can push them into irritation territory. This is often a symptom of armpit 'toxicity' and is usually remedied by usage of our Armpit Detox. 

I love your Deodorant, but when I put it on after shaving my armpits, they burn. What do I DO?

This is a simple case of 'putting salt in the wound'. When you shave, your pores are open, exposed, and sensitive. 

There are a few routes to take, including:

     - If you shave in the morning, try shaving at night instead.

     - If you shave in the morning, apply our Probiotic Deodorant before you go to bed instead - for many people it's effective enough that it'll last all through the next day!

     - Go through our Armpit Detox to reduce general sensitivity in your armpits.

     - Apply our Body Oil or Body Balm in the evening to soothe sensitive armpit tissue.

     - Stop shaving your armpits. Armpit hair is perfectly natural.

Will my Probiotic Deodorant melt in the heat?

Yes, the Probiotic Deodorant will melt in temperatures above ~90 degrees, but will reconstitute itself properly if left in a cool, dry place afterwards. 

Deodorant in a jar? How do I apply this stuff?

Use one or two fingers to take a dime-sized amount of our Probiotic Deodorant, rub it between the corresponding fingers of your other hand, and gently rub into your armpits until completely absorbed. Any remaining residue on your fingers can be safely wiped off on other skin, in hair, or on a towel. 

What is clay-based toothpaste?

Clay-based toothpaste is the most natural route one can take for oral hygiene. It harnesses the natural cleaning properties of bentonite clay, and in our case, combines that with antiseptic and antioxidant essential oils. Most clay-based toothpastes are free of glycerin, sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates, and other common undesirable compounds found even in many natural toothpastes. This allows for remineralization of the teeth to occur. 


Though many people transition easily from one skincare line to another, if you have a history of sensitivity you should always expect some kind of reaction as your body adjusts to changes in pH, hydration, etc.  

My skin gets itchy whenever I use the Lavender Magnesium. Am I allergic? Am I using too much?

Don't worry! Some say those who experience itching when using topical magnesium are particularly deficient. It is also normal to experience a mild itching sensation as a result of the magnesium salts drying on the skin. Our formula includes lavender essential oil to help relieve potential itchiness, but some may still occur. Of course, if you think your reaction is abnormal, please consult your health care practitioner. 

What is leucidal liquid?

Leucidal Liquid is a natural preservative derived from fermented radishes. It's pretty awesome stuff, partially because it's so safe and clean, and partly because it works so well that we can use it in smaller concentrations than other natural preservation methods! 

Why do some of the labels have lead warnings on them?

The State of California mandates that all products containing bentonite clay be labeled with this warning as per CA Proposition 65, so in our case, you'll find it on our Armpit Detox, Detox Face Mask, and Cinnamon and Peppermint Toothpastes. Lead is naturally present in everything from bentonite clay to apples (yes, apples), but is typically in such low concentrations that it has no effect on human health. Sourcing of bentonite clay is very important, as lead and other mineral levels vary, which is why we exclusively use high-quality, food-grade sources which have been independently verified for purity. 

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! Unfortunately, shipping rates vary dramatically from country to country, so we currently only offer free international shipping on orders over $100. Many international customers put together large orders with friends or family to offset shipping costs. We are constantly improving our operations at Simply by Nature, and hope to provide more affordable international shipping options in the near future.  

What is your return and exchange policy?

We want you to be happy. The first step towards achieving that goal is making great products that you'll love, the second step is making sure your product arrives safely at your doorstep - but sometimes it still may just not be the right match for you. We understand that every body is different, and we try to accommodate all reasonable return or exchange requests. Please contact us with the details of your situation, or refer to the full return and exchange policy in the checkout section of our online store. 

What's the shelf life of your products?

Most of our products have a shelf life of about a year, and a usage life of about 3-6 months after opening. To extend usage life, remember to use clean hands and keep products stored in a cool, dry place. If you suspect your product has expired prematurely, please contact us. 

Should I keep my product(s) in the refrigerator?

Though our products all have a good shelf and usage life, if you don't plan on using them regularly, it may be a good idea to refrigerate them to extend their period of optimum performance. This is true of all natural products, and especially of minimalist lines like our own.  

Do you offer travel sizes of your products?

Sort of! Conveniently, most of our products happen to meet TSA travel size requirements of being under 3.4 ounces. The only ones which don't are our Face Wash, Body Butter, Lavender Magnesium, Silver Rose Toner, and Trace Mineral Mouth Rinse. There are currently no plans to make travel sizes of those specific products.