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Coconut Mocha Exfoliating Scrub Bar

Simply by Nature

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exfoliate coffee scrub bar skin tightening for cellulite and wrinkle reduction
Coconut Mocha Exfoliating Scrub Bar

Awaken to the art of invigorating and rejuvenating skin treatment. Coffee soap is great for exfoliating the face and body and also for eliminating unwanted cellulite and dark spots. We should also mention how good it feels to remove dead skin cells and bring forth young and healthy looking skin. This is one of those products you WILL NEED every month. 



Fair Trade Coffee Grounds, Vanilla, Sugar, Coconut Oil 

Instructions: Gently glide our 2.5oz coffee bar over face and hands or entire body for a full body reset. Your skin will feel so soft as wash, exfoliate and apply a gentle moisturizer all in one. 

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