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Wild Harvest Coffee Scrub

Simply by Nature

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Wild Harvest Coffee Scrub
Remove dead skin cells to make way for young and radiant cells to be born again for that timeless glow we all strive to nourish. Wild Harvest Coffee Scrub is simplistic skin-care in it's truest nature. We combine a masterful mix of just a few clean ingredients and make one of the most powerful deep exfoliates you will find on the market. This moisturizing exfoliate makes for one great morning or evening scrub. Awaken your senses in the morning or re-invigorate yourself after a long day with the natural aromas of dark coffee beans and rich vanilla.
Coconut oil, organic coffee, vitamin e, vanilla extract
Directions: Scrub your face, your arms, your nipples or your entire body. Scrub anywhere you would like to regenerate new and vibrant, healthy looking skin. 
Non-Toxic - Non-GMO - Vegan - Biodegradable

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