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Armpit Detox - 1 oz

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detox underarms of heavy metals such as aluminum and follow ith a natural deodorant

Years of using conventional deodorants and antiperspirants often leaves us contaminated with heavy metals, particularly aluminum. Our Armpit Detox is an easy way to eliminate these and other toxins safely and effectively. If you've been having armpit rash issues, Armpit Detox is an easy topical skin detox that helps alleviate underarm rash.

Works great on its own or in conjunction with a detox diet. If you've been using conventional deodorant for years and have just recently switched to an aluminum free deodorant, an Armpit Detox is an easy way to help the transition to a natural deodorant.

Food-Grade Bentonite Clay
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Rosemary Essential Oil
Cilantro Essential Oil


Simply apply a thin layer 5-10 minutes before showering, and (once dry) rinse off during your usual routine. Repeat daily for 15 days. Wait at least 30 days between detox cycles. 

 Non-Toxic - Non-GMO - Vegan - Biodegradable 

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