We believe in keeping things simple.

For us, that means using only what's needed, and nothing that isn't. From our Ayurveda line, to our Probiotic Deodorants, facial care line and beyond, each of our products has been formulated to be clean and effective. 

We always source the best quality ingredients possible. In our products, you will find that almost everything that can be organic, is organic. All our clay is food-grade and third-party tested, all our essential oils are 100% pure, and since we handcraft all our products ourselves in our own Arizona manufacturing facility, we can ensure quality at every step of production.

It's important to us that people have access to quality, non-toxic body care products, which is why we make a point of keeping our products affordable. Keeping the impact of our products on the planet low is also important to us, which is why we work with specialists in earth-friendly printing to produce our labels, and encourage the recycling and repurposing of our glass product jars.

Thank you for joining us on a path towards a simpler, cleaner world.

- Simply by Nature